About Ian

I've been drawing, painting, and sculpting since I can remember. It's always been the way I've spent my time, and the way I've made sense of things. Its a compulsion that I've been fortunate enough to turn into a career. I come from a family of artists and am proud to keep the tradition alive.

For work, I design websites, work on branding and identity, UX and AI. I write copy. I come up with cool tag-lines. I've been involved in the creation of probably around 100 sites now, with my cohorts at Rhyme Digital. It's a profession that I'm happy to be in, as there are always new things to learn and new tools to ultilize. 

I went to Hobart College where I majored in English and Studio Art, with a minor in Art History. I was lucky enough to study for a while in England. After returning to the states, I began working in a record shop (no regrets there!) and eventually I got a gig at Winans Creative as a junior designer. I have been a professional graphic designer ever since (for around 7 years now) working at three different companies, with experience ranging from printed materials, packaging, branding, photography, and just about every flavor of digital marketing. 

Survived (knocks on wood) Stage 3 cancer. Then I got it again.

In my spare time, I draw comics, read comics, and talk about comics. I play with my two awesome dogs and play in a band with my wife Julie. I love to read about history and mountains. Big fan of Tottenham Hotspur. 

get ahold of me: giantbluewhale@gmail.com



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